Breast Expansion Videos

Below is a collection of BE videos either animated or morphed for that *extra* something (and sometimes a combo of both!). Note that because these vids rage back over a decade, there’ll be a bit of a mix of formats, but they should all be able to be downloaded by right clicking and Save Link As…

A Pleasant DreamA Pleasant Dream
3D Animation

DESCRIPTION: As Ruth slept she found herself in the most wondrous dream. She dreamed of a fairy godmother visiting her, asking her for her one true desire. Her lips parted as the still sleeping Ruth gently whispered “bigger…”

Hey Baby…
3D Animation

DESCRIPTION: The first 3D animation I’ve attempted. Still think it turned out alright though!

Sow Sow Breast ExpansionThe Power of the Sow Sow Bean

DESCRIPTION: A commissioned video of a Patreon user’s original character set in the One Piece world.

Animation / Morph

DESCRIPTION: A morph of a frame from the comic Tested 2.

Peach PowerupPeachy Breast Expansion

DESCRIPTION: Classic concept, Princess Peach gets her own mushroom power.

Kitty Gets her MilkKitty has her Milk BE

DESCRIPTION: A commissioned work from a contributor on Patreon.

The Bar SceneThe Bar Scene

DESCRIPTION: A short scene of a lady with an unusual problem…