Hi all, I’m using the holiday period to do some more work on the site. We now have a place for videos! Still working out some kinks, but even if it won’t stream you can get the file by downloading it directly. I’ve also now reestablished the links page, give it a squiz if you want to see the cream of the BE crop. Will keep you up to date when I add in the other aspects in the following days.

Shower advice

Shower Advice Breast Expansion

First real attempt using scenery. I’m so so with the results – lighting turned out to be a lot more finicky than just rending a lone figure. Least I can say I definitely learnt a lot!

Just Getting Started

Getting Started Giant Boobs

Hey folks, I feel I’m liking this new exploration into 3D land. This pic was done with a combo of daz studio and photoshop. I’m thinking I could really get into this… if you like it too let me know!