Shower advice

Shower Advice Breast Expansion

First real attempt using scenery. I’m so so with the results – lighting turned out to be a lot more finicky than just rending a lone figure. Least I can say I definitely learnt a lot!

Just Getting Started

Getting Started Giant Boobs

Hey folks, I feel I’m liking this new exploration into 3D land. This pic was done with a combo of daz studio and photoshop. I’m thinking I could really get into this… if you like it too let me know!

Hey, I’m not dead!

Hey folks, long time no post! Just wanted y’all to know that I’m still kicking around, and hoping that in the coming christmas time I’ll have some more time to get the Grove running 100%. I haven’t been updating it openly as much but in the last few months I have completed Operation: Rebuild! All the site’s morphs and drawings should now be up in their pages.

One other page I’m working to create is a videos page! It’s still under construction but I’ve got a variety of morphed vids and hand drawn animations waiting to be centralised. Plus, not many of you know but I actually have some 3D animation experience. This is the first of what I hope will be many Grove BE Animations 😀


Operation Rebuild: Resume

Hi all, apologies for my absence lately. My Patreon work was taking quite a bit of my free time, so I have now reigned that in for the time being while I can get the site back up to date. As such, enjoy some more circa 2006 drawings. During this time I was doing some commission work, so the subject matter varies greatly 🙂