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milk breast expansionI Can’t B.E.lieve it’s Not Milk

Contains: B.E. / Lactation / Milky Goodness

DESCRIPTION: Now where can I get me some of that goodness…

milky Breast expansion


milky Breast expansion

Katt’s Falling Out

Contains: B.E. / Radiation / Fallout References 

DESCRIPTION: There has to be some upside to the nuclear apocalypse, right? A requested work for KristainKatt’s Fallout OC.


B.E. Good

Contains: B.E. / Magic Shirts / Black and White

DESCRIPTION: Always beware of the gifts of strangers…

BE Good Breast Expansion Comic



BE Good Breast Expansion Comic




Contains: B.E. / Voodoo / Questionable Science

DESCRIPTION: When science fails you… you know where to turn.





Strange Times

Contains: B.E. / Genies / 1950’s hijinks

DESCRIPTION: A short skit set in the world of 1950’s sitcoms. Hey, I wonder if I could add an “r” to the end of “strange” and make a sequel set in the 80’s… hmm.



Contains: B.E. / Magic / Surprises!

DESCRIPTION: Oh ego, thy name is plot device.


Boobs as big as the universeBigger and Bigger

Contains: B.E. / Like, seriously big B.E.

DESCRIPTION: I was once asked what’s the biggest set of honkers I’ve ever drawn. That would be these.

biggest boobs ever

biggest boobs ever


Contains: B.E. / Bimbofication / Squigies

DESCRIPTION: The only upgrade worth purchasing.


Contains: B.E. / Body Transformation / Potions

DESCRIPTION: A magic potion backfires with kickass results.

potion breast expansion comic


The Wand

Contains: B.E. / BDSM / Relationship Goals

DESCRIPTION: Man wouldn’t people’s sex lives be way weirder if magic did exist?



Contains: B.E. / Ducks / Martians / Cartoon Characters / Rayguns

DESCRIPTION: A silly little comic involving Martians and Ducks. One of the first comics done back on Litchart.

Merlin’s Lab

Contains: B.E. / Magic / Larger Than House Boobs

DESCRIPTION: The actual first comic I did back in the day. It involves boobs.

Merlin breast expansion


Merlin breast expansion