Breast Expansion Links

The web has many wondrous places where one can access BE. If you know of any more let me know!


Dedicated Sites

The Breast Expansion Archive – What list of BE could there BE without the classic. It’s paid access, but does have a great amount of content on the free site & forum.

Expansion Fan – Has some of the best BE comics out there.

The Breast Expansion Story Club – Comic heaven, if you have the dosh.

The Process – Great forum for BE and anything that involves bodily transformation.

Dan Standings – Amazing writer and unsung BE hero. His stories never cease to entertain.

Shadowmuse – A great collection of longer BE stories, and be sure to also check out their ongoing novel.

Taylor Made Clips – A leader in the industry – Taylor is dedicated to BE

Process Productions – A good store, and be sure to check out the forums for some great contributions!

Man Growing – A brilliant artist. Also check out some of his DA work.

BustArtist – If you haven’t read his work then you’re truly missing out.

The Overflowing Bra – The classic and definitive repository of  BE fiction on the net. Plus the categories make it super easy to find the exact story to suit your taste.

BeShine – The real deal – you don’t get bigger boobs outside of fiction.

Ready Art Zone – If you’ve been around the BE scene for a while, then you’ve heard of ReadyArt. He’s been in the game as long as I can remember, and it shows with his site containing almost 1500 pages of art!

OMG Boobs! – A journey of boobs and BE on a social and personal level.



Gatherings on Other Platforms

The BE Subreddit – Commonly updated, good for quick BE hits or a chat.

G.E. Hentai BE category – Secret trove of manga and comics of varying quality.



Breast Expansion Blogger – Good collection, also good if you’re into PE.

Girls Inflate – Big boobs and bigger boobs.

Boobgrowth – Probably the biggest collection of BE stuff on tumblr.

Smile Bits – Something of a lucky dip of fetishes with a BE core. Good chance you’ll find something that tickles your fancy here, maybe in a way you wouldn’t expect.



PlatoVolatire – Check out his “Blue Undercover” series, one of the longest running transformation themed series around!

SutibaruArt – Great art, great characters.

MilkyBody – Some of the best body and BE stuff on the ‘net.

Lightfoot – The Master. Creator of some of the best BE comics ever made. Come for the BE, stay for the story.

JimmyJacks – Quality morphs for bigger boobs, butts and the thing men use to point at stuff when their hands are full.

Entropy-Zeta – Beautiful colors will distract you from the awesome BE, GTS and more.

Immortal Tom – BE, boob butts and more – the long-lived Tom doesn’t shy away from the odder parts of our fetish, so it’s definitely worth a look!

Safety Stars – Great BE Stories. In the words of one of their commentators, “10/10 will sex again”.


Other Fetishes

Giantess Club – A sister site to the BE Story club, a great selection of comics and stories available.

Bimbo Story Club – Who doesn’t like a good bimbofication? I know a lot of BE stories involve the concept, so if you’re looking for something new, it’s a good place to try.

Or if all else fails… fetish bank