Programmed 2 Page 05

An excerpt from Hayley’s thesis (On the Nature of Power, Change and Interactions):

“When it comes to almost any human interaction, power inevitably plays a pivotal role. How is this power measured? One form is via the ability to enact change disproportionate to the amount of effort supplied. 

How does the king end one’s life? With a nod or a lift of a finger to the right servant. How does the Fonz show himself to be cool? By fixing a broken jukebox with a fist bump rather than weeks at a repair shop. Their power is both potent and alluring.

The power to change one’s self then – particularly with this disproportionate power, in the form of say a voice command to make one fitter rather than weeks at the gym, would inevitably shift the power balance to that of the changer in any social interaction.”